At FITTERY, when delivering meals to you we use biodegradable food trays made with P-Life® advanced Abiotic-Biodegradable Plastic Additive, thermal sealing technology and thermal bags as part of our packaging.

What Biodegradable means

When our food trays are exposed to sunlight, heat, and oxygen - abiotic degradation begins. This means living organisms within the landfill begins to interact with the tray and through natural metabolism, plastic materials are digested and transformed into carbon dioxide (CO2), water (H2O), and biomass.

Thermal Sealing

Thermal sealing technology is designed to keep your meals fresh for longer. By sealing the food tight, we effectively restrict natural airflow around your food, and thus reduce the chance of bacteria and germs (plenty in the air) touching your food.


Temperature Control

If the thermal seal reduces the amount of airflow, thermal bags limit the rise in food temperatures during transit. This helps reduce the chance of bacteria growing (thus spoiling food) when meals are taken from our commercial fridges and delivered to you.