Know Your Body

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This section is designed to help you get to know yourself better. By inputting your details below you can determine the amount of daily calories required to reach your goals

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You can also see how this applies to our Meal Plan with the table below

Meal Plan Type Average Calories
Per Meal
Average Calories Per Day
(2 meals) 
Average Calories Per Day
(3 meals) 
Starch Zer0 350-400 700-800 1050-1200
Light n Easy 400 800 1200
Green n Lean 400 800 1200
Healthy Zen 400-450 800-900 1200-1350
Semi-Keto 450 900 1350
Bulk Up 550-650 1100-1300 1650-1950


There is a within 15% variance for calories and macros on a daily basis.