HKCR x FITTERY Meal plan

FITTERY is delighted to partner with HKCR in creating its inaugural meal plan program. Together, we have passionately curated a menu that is specifically designed to elevate player performance whilst delivering optimal nutrition for peak athletic results.


Most international Sports Institutes recommend at least 100g of protein intake daily for professional rugby players. By working closely with HKCR, FITTERY offers a concise menu designed to ensure each meal contains at least 50g of lean protein and 60g of low GI carbohydrates. This roughly equates to double the protein level of a typical HK restaurant meal.


HKCR has subsidized the program to offer meals as low as $63 each (based on duration of meal plan), $0 delivery fee and $0 minimum order.

Our meal delivery schedule is every Tuesday and Thursday to the HKCR office inside Confucius Hall Secondary School. All meals can keep up to 2 days and will be kept refrigerated by HKCR staff, perfect for players to pick up after practice sessions!

Can I pause meals/ change delivery day ?

Simply WhatsApp us at 6472 7082 with 2 working days' notice if you want to pause or change delivery days for your HKCR meal plan.

How is my food packaged?

We use state-of-the-art thermal seal technology to ensure your meal plan (unopened) stays fresh, if refrigerated for up to 2 days after delivery.

All FITTERY meal plans are delivered in thermal insulated packaging for food safety purposes. We also offer recycling services with our delivery agents picking up any unused bags, should you like to return to us.

How long should i order the meal plan?

We recommend all clients to order meals based on their most comfortable duration. However we have noticed that whilst motivation is what gets most clients started, consistency is what gets clients the best results.

To support this, we offer further discounts for clients looking to select more than 1 week of meals. Simply select the option at the summary page within the meal plan ordering process to activate the discount offer.

What ingredients do you use in your meals?

FITTERY meal plans feature lean proteins, healthy fats and low GI carbohydrates. We also utilise a wide range of premium ingredients from hormone-free chicken to organic Peruvian quinoa.

Where are your meals prepared?

All our meals are prepared fresh within a Certified Food Factory licensed premise that is HK Government and FEHD approved. The premise is also subject to regular assessments and visits conducted by Hong Kong FEHD Inspectors, ensuring full compliance of all relevant food and safety laws.

I hate plastic and waste. What is your policy on this? 

Glad you asked! All our trays are 100% biodegradable and incorporate P-Life® advanced Abiotic-Biodegradable Plastic Additive which is a Patented Technology based on US Pat. No.6482872 "Process for Manufacturing a Biodegradable Polymeric Composition".

How do you calculate macros?

All macros are calculated and verified by a certified nutritionist with nutrition data sourced from USDA Nutrition Database. Currently, FDA allows for leeway up to 20%, however we do our best to minimize this by individually weighing ingredients and proportioning them according to HKCR requirements

What is your meal delivery policy?

All meals are delivered before 12 pm, every Tuesday and Thursday to HKCR office inside Confucius Hall Secondary School in Causeway Bay. All meals will be kept refrigerated by HKCR staff on the day of delivery, ready for your collection.

Please note there is no delivery on Public Holidays. In the event your delivery day falls on a public holiday, impacted meals will be sent on the next available delivery date, after your meal plan ends.

Example 1: Client orders 1 week of meals (Tue and Thu) but Thursday is a public holiday.
Solution: Impacted Meals will be delivered on Tuesday of Week 2 since this is the next available delivery day after client's meal plan ends.

Example 2: Client orders 4 weeks of meals (Tue and Thu) and during week 2 there is a public holiday on Tuesday.
Solution: Impacted Meals will be delivered on Tuesday of week 5 as this is the next available delivery date after client's meal plan ends.